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The Concept


The Concept

Angola Restaurant Week is an annual initiative that promotes Angola's gastronomic culture. Our main objective is to democratize access to quality food, which is especially pertinent in a society as unequal as ours, and to give back to our community: 500 AKZ of each Restaurant Week Menu sold is donated to an institution dedicated to social responsibility. 

Each Restaurant Week Menu, available in all participating restaurants, has a fixed price of 5,000 AKZ for lunch and 7,000 AKZ for dinner. The menu includes three courses – an appetizer, the main course and dessert – as well as a few surprises offered by our partners.

Angola Restaurant Week happens simultaneously in all participating restaurants. In 2016, 28 restaurants participated in Luanda.

Brasserie Bento Dining Room.jpg

The Restaurants

Angola Restaurant Week happens simultaneously in all participating restaurants.

The Restaurants

Angola Restaurant Week happens simultaneously in all participating restaurants.

Mutamba And Marginal

Le Petit Bistrot

Address: Rua Amílcar Cabral
Reservations: +244 938 709 974

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Edifício Deana Day Spa

Address: Av. 4 de Fevereiro, Marginal
Reservations: +244 940 814 393

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Hotel Epic Sana

Address: Hotel Epic Sana, Mutamba
Reservations (Mandatory)+244 222 642 700
Note: Reservations are mandatory at this restaurant.



Hotel Epic Sana

Address: Hotel Epic Sana, Mutamba
Reservations (Mandatory)+244 222 642 703 | +244 928 491 813
Note: Reservations are mandatory at this restaurant.


Ilha do Cabo

Chill Out

Address: Avenida Murtala Mohammed
Reservations: +244 924 282 810


Address: Avenida Murtala Mohammed
Reservations: +244 912 202 887

Esplanada Grill

Ilha do Cabo

Address: Avenida Murtala Mohammed
Reservations: +244 935 114 844

Luanda Grill

Address: Rua Murtala Mohamed, 260
Reservations: +244 938 181 374

Seven Grill Ilha.jpg

Seven Grill

Address: Avenida Murtala Mohammed
Reservations: +244 921 395 952


Alvalade E Maianga

Sra. Tasca

Address: Rua Kwame Nkrumah, 134
Reservations: +244 932 850 075

Seven Senses.jpg

Seven Senses

Address: Rua Kwame Nkrumah, 230
Reservations: +244 942 273 409

Alvalade 61

Address: Avenida Comandante Gika, 61
Reservations: +244 923 406 790

Seven Restaurante.jpg

Restaurante Seven

Address: Rua Comandante Dangeraux, 6
Reservations: +244 947 388 700

Restaurante Hotel Fórum

Address: Travessa Ho Chi Minh
Reservations: +244 227 280 828


Miramar e Maculusso

VivaLuanda Sala1.jpeg

Viva Luanda

Address: Rua de São Tomé, 2
Reservations: +244 946 302 896


O Madeirense


Address: Rua José Anchieta
Reservations: +244 921 032 101


talatona, Morro Bento, Nova Vida e Patriota

Mulemba Hotel Samba.jpg

Restaurante Mulemba

Executive Hotel Samba

Address: Executive Hotel Samba
Reservations: +244 949 167 150

K Paz Flor

Address: Centro Cultural Paz-Flor
Reservations: +244 934 315 361

K Luanda Chic

Address: Atlantic Business Center
Reservations: +244 938 518 021

Espaço Luanda

Address: Rua do MAT, behind SIAC
Reservations: +244 928 314 680

Restaurante Fazendeiro

Address: Avenida Pedro de Castro Van-Duném Loy, between Mundo Verde and Banco Sol
Reservations: +244 931 333 631

La Piazza

Address: Hotel de Convenções de Talatona (HCTA)
Reservations: +244 226 424 300

Esplanada Grill Belas

Belas Shopping, Talatona


Miralua Club

Address: Condomínio Dolce Vita, Via S 8, Lote 11, Talatona
Reservations: +244 937 956 218

Gisela's Gourmet

Address: Cidade Financeira, Bloco 1, R01, Via S8, Talatona
Reservations: +244 947 123 525+244 915 899 963  

Brasserie Bento

Address: Next to Clínica Multiperfil
Reservations: +244 925 906 936

Taverna do Morro

Address: Avenida 21 de Janeiro, in front of Cervejaria Bento
Reservations: +244 931 083 296

Le Petit Bistrot Café

Address: Rua 124, Urbanização Nova Vida
Reservations: +244 936 420 400

Espaço Gourmet

Address: Estrada do Patriota, ao lado do BPC
Reservations: +244 946 546 677

Alive Restaurante 2.jpg

Alive Restaurante & Lounge

Address: Urbanização Nova Vida, Rua 2
Reservations: +244 944 569 029

Kook Luanda.jpg


Address: Belas Business Park, Edifício Moxico, Ground Level
Reservations: +244 947 336 684

FullSizeRender 33.jpg

Kilometro Zero

Address: Rua Projectada 42
Reservations: +244 930 226 151


viana e ZANGO

Salpicos na Grelha

Address: Estrada Direita de Calumbo, Bairro da Regedoria II
Reservations: +244 939 545 659


Celeiro 365

Endereço: Estrada Direita de Calumbo, Zango 0
Reservas: +244 923 135 012


Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

2017 Official Sponsors

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VivaLuanda Prato1.jpeg

Our Impact

What do people think and say about Angola Restaurant Week?

Our Impact

What do people think and say about Angola Restaurant Week?

This event’s main objective is to help financially disadvantaged people, and that’s the main reason why we participated. Its impact is quite big because people go out in search of new restaurants. And that’s very important, because even though we’ve been open for 15 years, we always need to renew our client base and there are always new diners to win over.
— Joaquim Quintas, Assistant Director at Restaurante Pimm's

Angola Restaurant Week 2016 Awards

Click on the image to see which restaurants walked away with prizes.

O primeiro evento Restaurant Week destacado no Novo Jornal em 2014.

Promoção da marca Delta Q durante o Angola Restaurant Week 2015

We tried to come up with a very cohesive menu and to offer our clients different types of dishes, almost as if we’re demonstrating all that we’re capable of, with salmon, caviar, and other products. We built a truly interesting menu where diners could eat something different.
— Hugo Araújo, Executive Chef at La Piazza
I don’t remember if these Restaurant Weeks started in 2015, but I’ve had the opportunity to visit several restaurants during this time and it was a fantastic experience. I hope I can participate again in 2016. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank this formidable organization and, above all, thank the restaurants that participate in this initiative. Thank you.
— Júlia Silva, LNL reader

Giving Back

500 AKZ of each Restaurant Week Menu sold is donated to a charity of our choosing.

Make a donation

Giving Back

500 AKZ of each Restaurant Week Menu sold is donated to a charity of our choosing.

Make a donation


In 2014, Angola Restaurant Week's maiden year, we raised over 300,000 AKZ for the Okutiuka Orphanage in Huambo thanks to the 26 participating restaurants' sale of about 3,000 Restaurant Week Menus. 100 AKZ of each menu sold was donated to Okutiuka, who in turn used the donations to pay for medical treatment for several of their youngest boys.


In 2015, we raised the donation per menu sold to 500 AKZ and were able to raise over 1,300,000 AKZ for Lar Santa Madalena, an orphanage and school in Luanda's Cazenga neighborhood. The orphanage's structure was wholly inept to deal with Angola's rainy season; our donation helped with general repairs, allowed the school to build an entire second story and to buy a new stove for its large kitchen. 

*Lar photo above by Ampe Rogério (Rede Angola)

Uma das delapidadas salas de aula do Lar Santa Madalena, que funciona também como escola.

Algumas das crianças residentes do Lar Santa Madalena, no Cazenga


Centro Social Santa Barbara, also known as the Mama Muxima Orphanage, was the institution we chose to donate to in 2016. Angola Restaurant Week was able to raise over 4,270,500 AKZ for this orphanage.

"Currently, our orphanage only survives thanks to donations we get from well-wishers," said Sister Lucrécia, the woman responsible for running the orphanage. According to Sister Lucrécia, the orphanage's main problem areas are providing adequate food, clothing, and funds to pay for high school fees and annual medical bills. Without proper funding, health costs are the most difficult do deal with.

Angola Restaurant Week's donation helped to diminished the Mama Muxima's financial burdens, albeit only for the short term. 


Luanda Nightlife

Luanda Nightlife

Luanda Nightlife (LNL) is Angola's largest restaurant review website, and also features reviews for bars, lounges, clubs and hotels. Besides being the country's most complete digital platform dedicated to restaurants, Luanda Nightlife has a robust social media presence (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) and all of its articles are published in two languages (Portuguese and English) so that they can be useful to both nationals and visitors. Angola Restaurant Week is a Luanda Nightlife initiative; the next Angola Restaurant Week will be in October 2017.

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